Concrete and Steel Palisade

Concrete and Steel Palisade

We specialise in the supplying and erecting of quality made precast concrete walling and steel palisade fence products.

All our products are manufactured to stringent specifications and under strict quality control. Our emphasis is on producing strong and uniform products of exceptional quality. We use a strong concrete mixture to ensure the durability of our precast concrete fencing panels under the most adverse of conditions.

Our precast concrete walling and concrete palisade fencing products are widely used by private developers, construction companies, municipalities, parastatals and government departments. It is no surprise that tit is also called “stop nonsense walling“.

Standard Palisade

Plain Precast 

Our products carry a 5 year guarantee, we do free no obligation quotations, with us you have a large variety of wall choices, our product is maintenance free, and we are fast and efficient in erecting precast concrete walls and concrete fencing.

Our heavy duty concrete palisade fencing typically find their way to applications such as enclosing industrial premises, schools, reservoirs and many other security applications such as enclosing national roads and railway lines. If you are serious about protecting your property then our heavy duty concrete palisade fencing is the answer,

We do not manufacture a light duty product like some of the other suppliers. Our palisade walling system is strong and robustness.

Each pale is bolted to the top and bottom rail and the rails slide into the posts. This also makes the wall more flexible and ideal for use in heavy ground areas.



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