Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Buildings

Badiri Construction can manufacture virtually any size unit to satisfy your accommodation needs including low cost labour camp units and hostels to mid-level and senior management units complete with ablutions and all amenities.

Building systems

Badiri Construction use only the best quality materials during manufacture and assembly processes. This ensures we deliver a product that requires a low level of maintenance coupled with an extended useful life.

Our offerings include management accommodations, dormitories, offices, ablution facilities, laundries, kitchens, diners, recreation rooms and gymnasiums. These prefabricated buildings are specifically designed for rapid assembly and are manufactured in modules which allow for future expansion.

Some of the advantages of using modular buildings in the healthcare industry are:

  • Speed of construction
  • Reduced waste generation and on site disturbance
  • Easier to use modular buildings in remote locations

We have extensive experience in implementing modular building solutions on time and on budget!

In addition to outright purchase, we also offers rental options on mobile buildings. This is ideal for buildings that are only needed for the short to medium-term


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